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Providing exceptional service by customizing our staffing fulfillment to each client

We follow a simple philosophy of providing exceptional service to our clients by customizing our staffing fulfillment to each client individually. We are devoutly committed to and concentrate on developing a strong understanding of our clients’ business to continue providing each client with solutions to their talent needs.

Why Choose Us

  • Focus We realize that strong search capabilities are what ensures the success of our clients, so that’s where we focus our resources and efforts.
  • Quality Quality costs less – when you need to hire, don’t settle for anything less than the highest quality available.
  • Relationships You need a staffing partner that focuses on solving problems rather than just filling orders. We take a strategic approach to solving your staffing challenges and improving your bottom line.
  • Results In order to make sure of constant progress and improvement, you need to be able to measure your results and the parameters of success that have been agreed upon. We pride ourselves on achieving results that benefit you!
  • Expertise We have been providing exceptional, customized staffing fulfillment since 1992.

What Clients Say

I have found the staff at Excel Personnel dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service. They are responsive and efficient in meeting my qualifications and time lines for each position. Since my introduction to Excel Personnel, I have brought on nine people they have referred to me. It has been enjoyable to work with the professionals at Excel Personnel.
Bill S., Customer Service Supervisor
Excel Personnel’s team is always extremely helpful. They go above and beyond to find qualified individuals. Our three year relationship with Excel has aided us in becoming Denver’s premier roofing plant.
Gaye B. & Jenny P., Senior Administrator & HR Leader
Excel Personnel has done an excellent job in understanding our staffing goals and in constantly improving the process, becoming more efficient with every placement. I would recommend Excel Personnel to anyone looking for a staffing partner who will listen and respond with quality and consistency.
Cindi R., HR Director
In the past two years with our company, our summer time business has evolved into a very fast pace, high labor and multiple shifts. To meet these needs, we looked into the temporary labor force. We tried several different agencies. Excel Personnel met our needs with professionalism, flexibility and great customer service. I would not hesitate recommending Excel Personnel to other businesses.
Marshal Y.
Excel Personnel has been a pro-active leader in communication between their associates and our workplace, always addressing the small details before they become big issues in a timely and professional manner. When we need them, they are here…all the time, every time.
Kelly S.
I love our Excel team! I have spent thirty years in Human Resources, working with many staffing agencies, but my experience with Jennifer Williamson, Jennifer Griswold, Amy Izaguirre and their team has been the best ever, without exception. The key ingredients for their winning recipe:

  • Professionalism
  • Quality
  • Reliability
  • Understanding
  • Good humor
  • Integrity

Cook that up for one sensational treat in staffing from Excel.

Joette B., Director of Human Resources
We have utilized the hiring services of Excel Personnel for a number of years, and we have been very happy with their service. I have personally been involved in the staffing process for the last year and a half, and my experience has been overwhelmingly positive.
The nature of our business is such that we experience dramatic and often unexpected changes in volumes. The ladies at Excel have done a tremendous job of working with us through these challenges. I have been very impressed with the quality of the individuals that they have sent to us, even when given very little lead time. They have also done a very good job of helping us deal with those occasional human resources issues that arise amongst the employees.
I appreciate all the extra help that they give us whenever we are required to bring in a large training group – in particular Jennifer Griswold has been a life saver getting here at 7am to assist us with the initial check-ins! I would highly recommend their service.
Charles J., Support Solutions Manager
I want to express my appreciation for all the time you allocate to insuring that all of our staffing needs are being met. Excel provides outstanding service in all areas of staffing including error-free invoicing, flexibility to help with unique bonus programs, pre-testing candidates using software we prescribe, and facilitating our non-standard business hours.
I truly feel like we have developed a team approach to business and am grateful that Excel provides such outstanding service at such competitive rates. We are glad to recommend Excel as an excellent partner for staffing solutions.
Benton G., Business Manager
I don’t shop around. When we need temp labor, we get them from Excel Personnel. Jennifer Williamson and her staff have always been excellent.
Guy A., Manager
I have been working with Excel Personnel for almost 3 years now. We require a very specialized workforce that can be difficult to find. The staff at Excel has a knack for knowing what we want and finding it in a timely manner. Their professionalism and willingness to go the extra mile is something I have not found with any other agency. The entire staff is exceptional and a joy to work with. Excel is my preferred agency and I am always recommending them to my colleagues and friends. A special thanks to everyone at Excel for making my experience so wonderful!
Stacie M., Human Resources Director